Finance operations at any growing SMB or startup is plagued with resource intensive customer collections and vendor payment processes. This culminates into hundreds of wasted finance man hours and thousands of dollars in payment fees!

Peakflo with its simple API and one-click accounting software integrations, allows businesses to streamline their customer collections and vendor payments. 187 finance team users, from early-stage startups to unicorns in SE Asia, use Peakflo each week to:

✅Save 100 hours/month on finance ops ⏳

✅Get paid faster on customer invoices by 10-20 days 📈

✅Streamline vendor payments and save 50-90% on fees 💰

Our Mission

We at Peakflo want to empower B2B businesses to achieve peak cash flows so that they thrive as the backbone of the economy!

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Our Values

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